Multi Factor Authentication Specialist (IBM Total Authentication Solution (TAS)

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date Posted: 08-11-2013


· Implementing and troubleshooting multi factor authentication and securing VPN, internal and external login access using IBM Total Authentication solution(TAS) server

· Setting up the environment for TAS to be deployed

· Manage the level 1 support team and provide level 2 support for IBM TAS

· Managing Tangentia Inc. Labs which includes maintaining, troubleshooting, and testing Websphere, DB2 and Tivoli Securities

· Performing version upgrades for IBM TAS

· Optimizing the hardware and middleware to provide maximum performance for IBM TAS

· Setting up Development and production environment for IBM multi factor authentication software
                     • Setting up Backup policies and backup process for the TAS server
                     • Setup of VMware – virtualization technology for the servers IBM TAS

· Performing RMA in case of hardware failure of IBM TAS appliance

Employment requirements/Qualifications

• Should have strong knowledge of IBM multifactor authentication solution

· Excellent communication skills

  Strong problem solving skills

· Ability to work under tight timelines

· Ability to work well in a team

· Minimum 2 years’ experience in IBM Multi Factor Authentication solutions
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