Looking for a Instructor - IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack 4.3 and IBM Cloud Orchestrator 2.5 - Cloud Administration and Orche

Location: Vancouver, Canada, Canada
Date Posted: 23-11-2016
Tangentia is currently looking for a Instructor who can do a Technical training.

IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack 4.3 and IBM Cloud Orchestrator 2.5 - Cloud Administration and Orchestration Workshop

Location : Vancouver,Canada.
Dates :  (5 days).

Course material will be provided.
Expenses will be covered.

Requirement :
  • Strong Experience in IBM Cloud.
  • Training Experience will be an asset but not Mandatory.

IBM employees, business partners, and customers who need to create content to customize IBM Cloud Orchestrator to address use cases not provided with the product. The course is also recommended for IBM employees, business partners, and customers who create and customize workflows for IBM Cloud Orchestrator users.

Key topics

  • IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack 4.3 level set
  • Brief review of OpenStack core components
  • Introduction to the OpenStack Horizon Dashboard
  • Using the Horizon Dashboard to deploy virtual machines
  • Manage virtual machine settings
  • On-board existing virtual machines
  • Customizing the Horizon Dashboard
  • Security model and terminology
  • Regions, availability zones, and quotas
  • Operating the IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack environment
  • Classroom environment 
Building Images
  • cloud-init details before we discuss current tables in A&O and PAM slides
  • Image management with OpenStack Glance
Networking with OpenStack Neutron
  • Neutron components
  • Network and subnetwork
  • Router definition
  • Firewall as a Service
  • Load Balancer as a Service
  • Neutron configuration for VMware environments
  • Basic network troubleshooting
Block storage with OpenStack Cinder                                                                                           
  • Various Storage types in OpenStack
  • Coherence of Nova, Cinder, Glance & Cinder
  • Cinder Operation & Configuration
Deploying OpenStack Heat templates                                                                                                        
  • Heat overview and components
  • Advanced Heat orchestration template
  • Troubleshooting
IBM Cloud Orchestrator add-ons                                                                                                  
  • What’s new in IBM Cloud Orchestrator 2.5 - a brief review
  • Orchestration overview
  • IBM Cloud Orchestrator extensions and security model
  • Public Cloud Support
  • Bring your own OpenStack
  • Operating the IBM Cloud Orchestrator environment
  • Classroom environment
Self-service user interface                                                                                                     
  • Introduction to the IBM Cloud Orchestrator self-service user interface
  • Overview of Self-service offerings
  • Actions Registry
  • Defining and deploying Heat templates
  • Introduction to modifying an offering
  • Customizing the IBM Cloud Orchestrator self-service user interface (re-branding)   
Orchestration with Business Process Manager                                                                                         
  • IBM Business Process Manager architecture and overview
  • IBM Process Designer
  • Business Process Manager artifacts
  • Overview of IBM Cloud Orchestrator toolkits
  • Business process details
  • Human service and coach details
  • Variables and data mapping
  • Information flow in IBM Cloud Orchestrator
  • Operation context details
  • Managing the process application lifecycle
ICO as an Integration Layer                                                                                                           
  • Accessing a legacy backend from BPM workflows
  • Invoking ICO functionality from external sources
  • Platform troubleshooting
  • Business Process Manager Troubleshooting

After you complete this course, you can perform the following tasks:
  • Manage the IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack and IBM Cloud Orchestrator components and environment
  • Access the IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack Horizon Dashboard and explore the key features
  • Use the Horizon Dashboard to create, deploy, and manage Heat orchestration templates
  • Access the IBM Cloud Orchestrator user interface and explore the key features
  • Create and manage domains, projects, users, and Neutron network components in a multitenant environment
  • Use Business Process Manager artifacts to customize and extend IBM Cloud Orchestrator:
  • Build process workflows for use with IBM Cloud Orchestrator using product-provided toolkits and custom content
  • Build custom user interfaces for self-service offerings
  • Build custom user actions
  • Troubleshoot problems when creating workflows and deploying Heat orchestration templates

Please send me your updated word format resume with the best time and number to reach you. you could reach me at adias@tangentia.com   or  416-238-7515  Ext 145.

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