Odoo Integrator

Location: Toronto, ON
Date Posted: 25-05-2017
Tangentia is currently hiring Odoo Integrator for Toronto location. We are looking for a Technical guy who is capable of configuring Odoo, Installing it on the clients Server, and Supporting and Maintaining the base Odoo Product.

Responsibilities & Deliverables  
  • Installation of Odoo environment onto Azure patform
  • Install Odoo Environment and Odoo onto production and staging server:
  • Update OS
  • Configure local firewall to block all communication except SSH, HTTP, HTTPS
  • Configure SSH, Hosts, Time zone, NTP
  • Install from source OpenSSL and NGINX
  • Install postfix and opendkim
  • Install Postgresql and configure to take advantage of existent VM capabilities
  • Install nodejs. etherpad, wkhtmltopdf and other OS dependencies
  • Install python dependencies (50 packages)
  • Install backup script (encrypted backup of database and Odoo filestore)
  • Install SSL certificate as provided by Customer or issue a self signed SSL certificate
  • Clone Odoo repositories, VCS (git), at commit level for Production and Staging.
  • Configure Odoo service
  • Configure reverse proxy
Post-installation tasks:
  • Adapt backup script to align with backup and disaster recovery plan as provided by Customer.
  • Provide all access credentials to authorized Customer’s representative.
  • Document and provide installation steps to authorized Customer’s representative.

  • Execute Odoo unit test on Production server.
  • Test Odoo connectivity from Customer and Vendor environments.
  • Test backup and perform a database backup and Odoo filestore backup restore in Production.
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