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Cloud security Consultant

Malvern, PA

Job Title: Cloud security Consultants
Location: Malvern,PA

Job Description
Roles & Responsibilities:
The ideal candidate would be handling our strategic initiatives within the Cyber Threat Intelligence & Vulnerability Management organization. He/She will be working on developing and participating in SIEM use case development, incident response etc. by coordinating with the managed service vendors as well as by performing investigations in individual capacity. The ideal candidate would also be coordinating with the infrastructure vulnerability management team for remediation actions. He/She will also coordinate with various different divisions to fix the application vulnerabilities (SAST & DAST). He/She should also be able to perform penetration testing exercise on a regular basis to ensure the tight control of security features.
Work Distribution:
SIEM Use Case & Incident Response: 50%
Pen Testing: 10%
Infrastructure & Application Vulnerability Remediation Coordination: 30%
Reporting: 10%
  • Excellent command of Cybersecurity organization practices, operations risk management processes, principles, architectural requirements, engineering threats and vulnerabilities, including incident response methodologies
  • Should have experience in developing use cases to improve the incident response capabilities
  •  Assist in incident response activities such as host triage and retrieval, malware analysis, remote system analysis, end-user interviews, and remediation efforts
  • Conduct simulated attacks on firm resources, including but not limited to phishing, web application compromise, social engineering, and penetration testing
  • Track threat actors and associated tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) by capturing intelligence on threat actor TTPs and developing countermeasures in response to threat actors
  • Host-based and network based forensics related to the identification of advanced cyber threat activities, intrusion detection, incident response, malware analysis, and security content development (e.g., signatures, rules etc.); and cyber threat intelligence.
  • Maintain and drive the development of new reports of Cyber Threat Intelligence analysis to peers, management and customer teams for purposes of situational awareness and making threat intelligence actionable
  • Should have knowledge and experience in handling infrastructure and application vulnerability management (SAST & DAST)
  • Provide regular threat/risk briefings to senior management regarding issues raised by the red team. Present findings within a context of overall risk to the firm
  • Should be able to handle multiple product and support vendors
  • Should have excellent communication and documentation skills
  • Should be able to work in an individual capacity with minimal supervision
  • Proficient in one more of the following computer languages Python,Perl or Powershell in order to support cyber threat detection or reporting
  • Certifications such as GCIH, GPEN, CEH, ECSA, CISSP are an addition

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