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EDI Developer

Porvorim, Goa
Job Description
  • 4+ years of admin role experience in IBM Sterling B2B Integrator SI/B2bi
  • Understands EDI formats; X12, EDIFACT, VDA, ODETTE- Understand EDI transactions; 850, 855, 810, 856, 820, 821, 824, 846,845,849,852,867, ORDERS, INVOIC, DELFOR, DESADV, AVIEXP, DELINS, INVRPT, ORDERR, CONTRL - Understands Communication Protocols: AS2, VAN, VPN, OFTP2, FTP- Understands Application formats: IDOC, CSV, XML, Flat File
  • Extensive work experience with designing and developing BPs, Maps, BPML, Trading Partner setups.
  • Extensive knowledge of protocols like http(s), AS2, SFTP, FTPS, MQ, SMTP etc. and ability to troubleshoot those issues
  • Ability to quickly analyze the issue based on Pager alerts, Queue Depth alerts, system emails, DBA alerts etc.
  • Strong ability to troubleshoot performance issues caused by BPs, Maps, Service configs, Queues etc.
  • Ability to deep dive into performance issues by analyzing logs, error patterns etc.
  • Understanding of concepts like Perimeter Servers, DMZ etc. and how it applies to a B2B framework.
  • Expertise in troubleshooting the connectivity issues from Trading Partners
  • Strong knowledge of TLS protocol, 3 way handshakes, Certificate procurement etc.
  • Expertise with SQL Queries, JDBC, ODBC etc.
  • Expertise in performance tuning, load balancing concepts etc.
  • Expertise in DR process
Good to have skills
  • Expertise with REST APIs, OAuth, JSON Data format
  • Ability to do network packet capture and analyze the packet data

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