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Technical Support Associate (Night Shift)

Porvorim, Goa
Role: Technical Support Associate
Location: Porvorim, Goa  (Night Shift)
Willing to work in shifts

Job Description
  • As technical support, you’ll be monitoring, maintaining, and resolving tickets raised by our customers that use our Applications. If there are any issues or changes required, such as forgotten passwords, Role changes,s or requests for any changes related to their account, you’ll be the first person customers will come to.
  • Tasks can include contacting customers and helping them resolve issues by screen sharing, diagnosing software/Application related issues, and reporting to Level 3 engineers, either over the Phone, WebEx, or face to face.
  • Most importantly, as businesses cannot afford to be without the whole system, or individual workstations, for more than the minimum time taken to resolve them, your technical support is vital to the ongoing operational efficiency of the company.
  • As technical support, you may also be known as a helpdesk operator, technician support associate.
  • You could work for software providing after-sales support or our customers to whom we provide IT maintenance and support.
  • Alternatively, you may work in-house, supporting the rest of the business with their ongoing IT requirements.

Some tasks you may be involved in include:
  • Working with customers/employees to identify Software related problems and advising on the solution
  • Logging and keeping records of customer/employee queries
  • Analyzing call logs so you can spot common trends and underlying problems
  • Updating self-help documents so customers/employees can try to fix problems themselves
  • Working with Level 3 IT engineers if the problem is more serious
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